Saturday, November 27, 2010

Building rhodes application for Blackberry

In this blog we will learn to build rhodes application for Blackberry:

Step 1.) You have to purchase  Blackberry JDE Signature Keys. As you have to sign application before loading it to device. You can purchase this from :

This will cost you around 20 US doller.  Signature files can be only registered once per computer. 

Note : You have to enter PIN while filling a form. Please remember this PIN as it will be used later

Step 2.) You will recive 3 .CSI from blackberry. Download this files.

Step3.)  Creating sigtool.csk and sigtool.db files

i)   Double-click on the attachment.
ii)   If a dialog box appears that states that a private key cannot be found, complete steps 3 through 6 before you continue. Otherwise, proceed to step vii.
iii)   Click "Yes" to create a new key pair file.
iv)   Type a password for your private key of at least viii characters, and type it again to confirm.  This is your private key password, which protects your private key. Please remember this password as you will be prompted for it each time signing is attempted or a signature key is installed.
v)   Click "Ok"
vi)   Move your mouse to generate date for a new private key.
vii)   In the "Registration PIN" field, type the PIN number that you supplied on the signature key order form.
viii)   In the Private Key password field, type the password created in step iv.
ix)   Click "Register".
x) Click "Exit".
11) Repeat this process for the other .csi files.

Once this process is complete sigtool.csk and sigtool.db files will be created in bin directory of your Blackberry JDK

Step 4.)Then you can provide password in rhobuild.yml file (located in the Rhodes SDK folder)

Step 5.) Run this code in your application directory

rake device:bb:production

Step 6.)Now you can check your build in

OTA: /bin/target

You should see many .cod files and one .jad file
Upload all of those files to a web server, then open the .jad file from the browser on your blackberry device

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