Monday, January 24, 2011

Improving performance of your Rhodes application #Rhomobile

I am listing out the way to improve the performance of Rhodes application:
  • Set MinSeverity=3 in rhoconfig.txt for production. Otherwise it will log all your activities and will affect your performance.
  • Set bb_loadimages_async=1 in rhoconfig.txt. In this mode next page opens, while the images are being loaded in the background 
  • Minimize the possible external files like CSS and Javascript. If possible include these file in layout.erb. 
  • Use Fixed schema instead of Property Bag if you schema is fixed and not expected to change. You can refer this link to understand it better
  • Avoid using XML as they are slow, instead try use JSON.
  • Try using Rho JSON for parsing, if you have been using JSON. Rho JSON will minimize your sync time.
        parsed = Rho::JSON.parse("[{\"count\":10}]")

     You can refer following link to dig it in detail:

Courtesy: @adamblum and akoc :

  • Bulk Sync :  Bulk sync will make huge deference in performance while syncing from rhosync.

  •   Push : Rhosync Push API also give a edge on performance while syncing.

P.S : If anyone can suggest any other ways he is welcome to comment on the Blog :) 



  1. Use advanced search conditions

  2. Use bulk_sync if you have a lot of data

  3. @akoc Yes agreed bulk_sync will make huge deference in performance while syncing from rhosync. I am not sure "advance find" methods will effect the performance. It will great if you can put light on this.

  4. There is more options available for improving performance of Rhodes application listed on Rhomobile docs:

  5. Is there anyway to method profile a Rhodes application??

  6. @Srikanth I did not get your question? Can you explain it more.