Friday, January 28, 2011

Rhomobile talk in Pune Rails Meetup

Today Akshat and I got a chance to speak about Rhomobile in Pune Rails meetup. It is good to see that lot of people are showing interest in Rhomobile. 
You can download PPT and code which we showcase from following link :
Code on github :


  1. Nice!!

    Too bad I couldn't come as I really wanted to :( Was extremely busy. BTW, what do you think about titanium? It definitely seems to have a good momentum and the company behind titanium is commercially backed. Would like your thoughts.

  2. @Dipen- I did not get chance to work on titanium. But you can find the advantage of using Rhomobile and comparison on following links:

    And I am ruby lover so I have a soft corner for it ;)

    It will be great if someone can comment comparison between them.

  3. @Dipin i will give +1 to Rhomobile because of MVC and offline capabilities